C.T. Brown & Associates, LLC
was formed
in 1997 to strengthen organizations by
developing the people who work in those
organizations. We provide organization
development, consulting, training and
coaching for Board members, supervisors,
and employees in nonprofit organizations.

The following beliefs drove the company then,
and are still valid now:

Employees perform better when they are respected and valued.

Organizations are more effective when those involved are invested in success.

Managers and leaders need support, knowledge and tools to motivate their team.

Employees feel valued when they have opportunities for growth, learning and advancement.

Board members perform best when they understand their role and add value to the organization.


Coaching Certificate from International Coach Academy, an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach training program

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from ICF

Master’s in Science in Human Resource Development from Towson State University, MD

30+ years working in or with Nonprofit Organizations 

Over the course of her career Catrese has worked for a large nonprofit organization doing Management Training and Community Education, served as an Interim Executive Director for a social service agency, provided transition management services, succession planning and strategic planning for nonprofit and/or socially responsible organizations. She has also taught elementary school, organized large national and local events, and developed curriculum for a social service training program.

When you work with C.T. Brown & Associates, LLC, here’s what you can expect:

  • Productive and motivated employees who contribute to the mission of your organization
  • Board and staff members who feel invested in with the organization
  • More effective relationships that result in increased efficiency
  • Better communication skills