Organization Development

Creation of systems and processes that maximum efficiency
Strategic planning
Transition Management

Board Development

Creating highly effective boards through understanding roles and responsibilities

Leader Development

Empower your leaders and managers to be their best through workshops and coaching!

Staff Development

Provide opportunities for your staff to learn and grow.

Individual and Group Coaching

Enable leaders, managers and staff to reach their potential.

Create the possibility of a safe space in which leaders and managers can talk about challenges, identify their needs, and discover their strengths and how to build on them.

Specializing in Career, Executive, and Transition Coaching.

Sample of Workshops Offered

 Motivation – What Is It and How Can I Use It?

People are motivated differently. This interactive workshop will create an understanding of the importance of motivation, different ways to motivate employees so that they contribute to the productivity of their work team and ultimately the bottom line of the work place.

 Leadership - How You Lead May Determine How You’re Followed

Understanding your leadership style can help build on strengths. Review the differences between leadership and management, the need to have both sets of skills and tools in your leadership tool box and how your employee’s perception of your leadership style can influence your success. Learn some of the skills and tools that effective leaders utilize to make them great.

 Team Building - Create a Winning Team & Watch Productivity Skyrocket

Often work is done more effectively in teams, but exactly was does building a team mean, and how can it be done?  In this dynamic workshop, define teamwork, what kind of teamwork is needed in your company or your department, and how working well together can make everyone’s workload more manageable and increase everyone’s productivity level.

 Management and Supervisory Skills - If You Are a Manager, Who is Your Customer?

When new or potential managers and supervisors learn basic skills and tools, everyone benefits.  Improve the understanding of the role of the manager and supervisor to maximize teamwork and improve productivity. Understand the importance of communication and the relationship between leaders/managers and their employees.

 Timely Topical Workshops

Let us create a specialized workshop for your company, leaders, manager, and employees to help you and your company reach your desired goals.